QuickBooks Live: An opportunity for ProAdvisors

QuickBooks Live: An opportunity for ProAdvisors

QuickBooks® Live Bookkeeping (QuickBooks Live) is a monthly subscription service intended to fill gaps for small businesses and self-employed who aren’t currently connected to ProAdvisors® and accounting professionals. Many who use QuickBooks Online are connected to ProAdvisors through our Find-a-ProAdvisor platform, but our research shows that 40 percent of small businesses don’t currently work with ProAdvisors or bookkeepers. That said, 89 percent of small businesses say they’re more successful when working with accountants. That’s where QuickBooks Live enters the equation.

For ProAdvisors and bookkeepers, QuickBooks Live provides a new opportunity to earn extra money, plus offers the flexibility of remote work and setting your own hours—all while elevating the value of human-powered financial management. This is the next step in Intuit’s continued effort to partner small businesses and self-employed with ProAdvisors and bookkeepers.

In early February, we will begin showing QuickBooks Live messages in QuickBooks Online Accountant to a gradually increasing, selected pool of ProAdvisors who are independent professionals (not employed by a firm), who meet the QuickBooks Live Bookkeeper qualifications and who we think may be a good fit to join the platform.

As the QuickBooks Live service continues to evolve, we’ll update the details on this page to make sure you have the latest info.

Frequently asked questions

Why are you showing me QuickBooks Live in QuickBooks Online Accountant?

We believe that Live Bookkeeping is a great opportunity for many independent certified ProAdvisors. We know finding new clients is a challenge many independent bookkeepers face, and we want to help connect ProAdvisors to the small businesses that need them. We’ve heard from many ProAdvisors that they’d like to learn more about QuickBooks Live and how it can help them serve more small businesses.

Similarly to how we offer QuickBooks Live to small businesses that aren’t currently connected to a ProAdvisor, bookkeeper, or accountant, we only show QuickBooks Live opportunities to our accounting partners who we think are a good fit to work with QuickBooks Live. This means that initially, we will only show QuickBooks Live information to independent (sole practitioner), certified ProAdvisors. As we learn, these criteria might change. You are seeing QuickBooks Live opportunities in QuickBooks Online Accountant because we believe you are a great candidate to join the QuickBooks Live team.

What are the qualifications to be a QuickBooks Live bookkeeper?

In addition to an active QuickBooks Online certification and at least one year of experience working with QuickBooks Online, you need at least one of the following:

  • An active CPA credential (Certified Public Accountant).
  • An active CPB credential (Certified Public Bookkeeper).
  • 3+ years of recent experience managing the books for small business clients.
  • A 4-year business degree in accounting/finance

I fit these qualifications, and I’m an independent bookkeeper. Why am I not seeing QuickBooks Live in QuickBooks Online Accountant?

In partnership with the QuickBooks Live team, we are showing QuickBooks Live messages to a gradually-increasing, selected pool of ProAdvisors. If you fit the qualifications and are an independent bookkeeping professional, you will likely see these messages in the coming weeks. If you’re interested in finding out more about working as a QuickBooks Bookkeeper before you see the message in QuickBooks Online Accountant, you can find an interest form on the Intuit Careers website as well.

What is my role as a QuickBooks Live Bookkeeper?

First, as a QuickBooks Live Bookkeeper, you will be matched, whenever possible, with small businesses in industries that match your experience and expertise.

You then will work with QuickBooks Online customers to maintain, update, categorize, and reconcile their transactions. At the end of each month, you also will review and close the books. You also will prepare and share monthly reports, as well as year-end information for each customer’s tax accountant.

QuickBooks Live bookkeepers work as part of a small team (<10 members). QuickBooks Live bookkeeping teams collaborate on their clients’ books, share best practices and new technologies, help each other learn about new industries, and form a network of professional and personal connections.

Will you continue offering Find-a-ProAdvisor?

Yes, we continue to invest in Find-a-ProAdvisor. We have a dedicated team working on making Find-a-ProAdvisor better for you, driving even more connections to small businesses through our platform. Being a ProAdvisor and working with QuickBooks Live aren’t mutually exclusive. You can blend running an independent firm with remote live bookkeeping in the way that’s best for you.

Small business customers who subscribe to QuickBooks Live are Intuit’s clients. They do not become clients of your independent firm.

Will QuickBooks Live be offered to small businesses who already have accountants?

Our goal is to offer QuickBooks Live to small businesses that aren’t currently connected to a ProAdvisor, bookkeeper, or accountant. If a small business’s QuickBooks Online file is linked to a QuickBooks Online Accountant account, we hide in-product messages and marketing about QuickBooks Live from them.

My firm has employees. Will you show them QuickBooks Live recruiting messages in QuickBooks Online Accountant?

Right now, we will only show QuickBooks Live opportunities to ProAdvisors who appear as sole practitioners in our firm. We determine this by the number of user accounts a company has connected. If a company has more than one QuickBooks Online Accountant user, we currently hide QuickBooks Live opportunities.

What is the hiring process?

  • Fill out the interest form in QuickBooks Online Accountant or on the Intuit Careers website to send us your information.
  • Within a few days, you will be contacted by a recruiter for a brief phone conversation.
  • If you continue in the process, our team will contact you to set up additional interviews.
  • You will also be required to pass a background check.