QuickBooks Online New Features and Improvements – October 2017

QuickBooks Online New Features and Improvements – October 2017

From the leaves crunching under your feet to pumpkin spice … well … everything, there’s no question about it: It’s fall, ya’ll. So take a break from planning the perfect costume and read up on the latest enhancements and updates in QuickBooks® Online Accountant.

What’s New

New! Create Repeating Projects in QuickBooks Online Accountant

When trick-or-treating, there’s always that one house that gives out the holy grail of treatdom: The full-sized candy bar. Consider this new feature your full-sized candy bar, all dolled up in a QuickBooks Online Accountant wrapper.

Now, you can create repeating projects for each client right from the Work tab, and set the project to repeat weekly, monthly, or yearly. You’ll spend less time on manual project entry while gaining confidence that you’ll never miss a deadline. We don’t know about you, but staying effortlessly organized with less work sounds as sweet as a (full-size) chocolate bar.

Announcing QuickBooks Online Projects!

Ah, the post-Halloween childhood ritual of candy sorting. Snickers over here, Skittles over there, with the don’t-even-THINK-of-touching-it Twix pile kept closeby. For all its sugar-fueled fun, Halloween did teach us the importance of organization.

Now your clients can organize their finances in QuickBooks Online like they organize their work—by project. With QuickBooks projects, users can organize all project components in one location, including associated transactions and time spent on each task. It’s an intuitive way for small businesses to organize their work (say goodbye to tedious workarounds like sub-customers and class tracking). Running reports is easy, so users can see profitability, expenses, and billable/non-billable time in a flash. You can enable this feature under Settings → Advanced, starting next week. Now, if only each project came with a lollipop ….

Improved Sales Tax Center in QuickBooks Online

Upgrading your Halloween costume from toilet paper mummy to full-fledged King Tut feels pretty darn good. In the spirit of makeovers, here’s one we think you’ll like: Our QuickBooks Online Tax Center is sporting an updated look and feel. Now you’ll receive automatic reminders to pay sales tax, along with manual filing assistance and the ability to make multiple adjustments to returns. Suddenly, sales tax doesn’t seem so spooky anymore.

That’s all for now! We’ll have more updates for you in November. Until then, enjoy the crisp autumn air, pumpkin carving (may we suggest the QuickBooks logo?), and costume parties that make fall the most frightfully fun season of them all.