QuickBooks Time offers efficient and easy timekeeping

QuickBooks Time offers efficient and easy timekeeping

TSheets by QuickBooks® is now QuickBooks Time, instantly making all our previous conference swag collector’s items!

But, what’s in a name? It’s the awesome timekeeping app we’ve always loved, no matter what you call it.

Let’s call it efficient and easy.

It’s efficient

Have you ever worked with a company that uses paper timesheets? To echo what my friend Monique said in her article on QuickBooks Time, there are three problems with manual entry:

  1. You have to do the math to come up with the time total. We live in a Base-Ten mathematical world, where time is divided into 60 pieces. Convert that to decimals. Have fun!
  2. You have to enter the time into the payroll system manually. As in … typing it in. Depending on how many employees there are, that can take hours.
  3. You cannot make a mistake. Your addition and your typing must be perfect. No pressure.

It’s easy

QuickBooks Time eliminates those worries:

  • Time is calculated for you. There’s no math required.
  • The integration with QuickBooks payroll and other programs, such as Gusto, moves the time to the payroll program in seconds.
  • Mistakes just don’t happen. Everything comes from the source. Once approved, the time is locked and moves almost like magic.

So, call it whatever you like: apple pie, chocolate cake, or truly stress-free payroll. QuickBooks Time by any other name would still be just as sweet.