Sandi’s Social Media Content Secrets, Part 5: Engagement

Sandi’s Social Media Content Secrets, Part 5: Engagement

By now, you should be a social media content master. In our first article in this series, you learned how to create content that speaks to your clients’ biggest needs. Our second article focused on the power of video content. The third article described how to generate tips your social media connections can benefit from. And, article four explained how to get started with influencer marketing so that your content is seen by more people. In this last article in the series, we’ll share how to create engagement with your social media followers for the purposes of both marketing and customer service. 

Hopefully, the number of your social media followers is increasing on your various social media platforms. And, hopefully, they are engaging with you, too. At first, they may simply like a post or tweet, but soon they may be asking you questions or making comments. You can encourage this engagement in several ways.

Asking for it

First, encourage comments by asking for them by the way you word your content. Here are some examples of posts that beg a response:

“What was your last experience with an accountant?”

Create a poll (in Facebook) that asks, “Who is your favorite accountant character in the movies or TV?”

  • Charles Grodin as Jonathan “The Duke” Mardukas in “Midnight Run”
  • Tim Robbins as Andy Dufresne in “Shawshank Redemption”
  • Anna Kendrick as Dana Cummings in “The Accountant”
  • George Wendt as Norm Peterson in “Cheers”
  • Rick Moranis as “Louis Tully in Ghostbusters”
  • Charles Martin Smith as Oscar Wallace in “The Untouchables”

Another poll: “Where are you most likely to run into your accountant?”

  • Sports game
  • Opera or a play
  • A charity event
  • A dance
  • A bar
  • “Do you have any questions about our client portal?”
  • “Do you need a mortgage payment calculator? We have one here: [link]”
  • “Did you know we have a “Where’s My Refund?” button on our website? [Provide the page link]”
  • “What do you think of tax day? Answer with a gif.”
  • “Share your website below.”
  • “Please post a review on our Facebook page.”

These should get you started. You can see the categories below that you can focus on to create engaging content:

  1. Customer service questions, feedback and education
  2. Fun stuff that is industry-related
  3. Questions to encourage sharing among your followers

Use the posts above and write more to boost engagement among your followers. 

Reviewing Your Stream

Periodically review your news feed or stream and “like,” retweet or comment on the posts in your stream by people who are connected to you. Comment on their comments, or thank them for contributing. 

Monitoring Your Brand

If you want to know what’s being said about you or your company, there are apps for that. Brand24 and Mention are two you can check out. These tools provide social media listening features that will report to you when social media participants are posting about your brand. 

Creating Customer Service Opportunities 

Although most social media content is created for marketing purposes or for fun, it can also be a powerful tool for customer service. Think of the most frequently asked questions that are customer service related in your business. Answer questions such as “How do I log in?” or “How long will my refund take?” with education videos or blog posts. Done right, you can reduce the amount of customer service time you spend by developing these canned answers and referring clients to them. 

Wrapping Up

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series on my social media content secrets. Now, it’s time for you to take them and make them your own. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn so I can follow your progress.