What is your most immediate need right now?

What is your most immediate need right now?

We cannot deny that these are unique times in recent history. No matter where you’re located, just about everyone on earth is impacted by the coronavirus in one way or another. When asked by the editor of the Firm of the Future blog to gather individual stories about the immediate needs developed from many months of social (physical) distancing, closed school and businesses, and significant job losses, I expected some of the responses I received … but was also surprised by a few – and, a few common threads emerged.

Here below – in no particular order – are some of the responses. Candid, thoughtful, some even hilarious. Many of us are making the best of a difficult situation, trying to navigate the physical, economic, social, and spiritual aspects of COVID-19. If nothing else, hopefully after you read through these comments, you’ll realize that we are all in this together and you are not alone!

“More time in the day … My days just go by so fast, and I just wish I had a few more hours to get stuff done.” ~ Dena Martin

”A vacation! I usually have a flight booked for the week after April 15 every year.” ~ Jenny Buckallew

“My immediate need would be for potential clients to understand that as an essential service, this year has been specifically taxing (no pun intended) on the accounting profession. We’ve had to add researching, advisory, and therapy to our job descriptions to support our clients, while working long hours and weekends. Understanding our value is the only thing I desire.” ~ Christina Renee Honeycutt

“My immediate need is to get my child’s independent study school schedule, so that I can get it organized to keep her on track, allowing me to check on her status and help her, where needed, as well as keep my bookkeeping clients up-to-date.“ ~ Tina Kritzer

“My most immediate need is grace. Grace for myself. I am working from home with both young children home with me, and work that is more complicated than before. I have the same, if not higher, productivity expectations from pre-COVID-19, and that’s just not realistic. I need to be kind to myself – the way I would be kind to others.” ~ Lisa Channel Wanless

“In my opinion, what is needed is as much normalcy as possible; then, we know we can get through this and make progress together.” ~ Maria Smith

“From the point of view of someone who is a parent having to do virtual school for their children, what we really need right now is guidance or support on how to manage our businesses effectively from home while having children at home all day. Client interaction can be challenging.” ~ Shonette Jameson Sullivan

“Keeping us up-to-date on the best numbers to call customer support as ProAdvisors® and for changes to QuickBooks® Online. It seems we only find out about changes when they hit QuickBooks Online, and our clients call us and are very unhappy. I know there is a blog/portal with upcoming changes, but I wish there was a way you could blast out e-mails to the ProAdvisors, with the link to changes as they come out. I check my e-mail daily, but don’t have the time to check other places. It would be good if you had a scrolling toolbar for ProAdvisors that we could see when we log into QuickBooks Online.” ~ Becky Nielsen

“I need a clone!” ~ Lynda Artesani

“I need the IRS and other governmental agencies to be accessible right now. They have closed their offices and aren’t processing things as quickly as they usually would. I totally understand why, but with everything going on and the uncertainty of procedures, it’s another wrench.” ~ Holly Sexton

“My most immediate need is a way to try out the new Cash Flow Manager to see what it does and how it works. I can’t sign up for it because I already have QuickBooks Payments, even on my sample files.” ~ Alicia Katz Pollock

“As a ProAdvisor bookkeeper, I need business owners to understand that hiring a virtual bookkeeper is not just hiring someone to do data entry. While some of the tasks do include data entry, we want to provide value to clients through preparing and discussing financial reports. Keeping business owners informed of their finances allows them to make the best decisions for their business.” ~ Megan Fleming

“I need clear and concise guidelines for advising clients on how to deal with documentation for the PPP loans and the loan forgiveness process. Oh, I also need future vision, so when my clients ask what is going to happen with the stock market, interest rates, and lifting of prohibitions due to COVID-19, I can give them the answers to all their questions.” ~ Cindy Moore

“More time in a day! Seriously, though, I need help with technology. We need a better way to track tasks, and keep our computers linked and working in sync. We’ve set Fridays aside as a Tech Day to try to accomplish this. Wish us luck!” ~ Cheryl Wiegand Zaydel

“We need our clients to calm down and stop making stupid expensive decisions. They should reach out to us first and ask before they make uniformed decisions.” ~ Jean Clappe-Mixell