New! Adding Apps to Your Clients’ QBO From QuickBooks Online Accountant

New! Adding Apps to Your Clients’ QBO From QuickBooks Online Accountant

At Intuit®, we are constantly looking improve your experience – and your clients’ experience as well – so   both your businesses can thrive in the most efficient way possible.

That’s exactly what Alex Barnett, Intuit’s director of the Development Group, addressed in his keynote speech at Scaling New Heights, on June 6 in Orlando, where he announced the exciting new feature within QuickBooks® Online Accountant (QBOA) that allows you to add apps to your clients’ QuickBooks Online.

Now, within QBOA, you can continue to expand your role as trusted advisor for your clients by adding apps and helping them find the right mix of apps to address their particular needs. While doing so, you’ll also be creating firm-level efficiencies by standardizing the way your clients’ businesses operate. And, you can connect apps to your own firm’s free version of QuickBooks as well.

"We are excited to deliver this new feature in response to your feedback about how your clients are looking to you as their technology advisors to deliver them the right applications to streamline their applications," said Barnett. "You also told us how powerful it is for you to use the same apps across clients who have similar needs, as you look to take their experience to the next level through more consistent engagement and more enabled efficiencies."

All of this can be done directly from QBOA – the one place you need to manage your practice and your clients across all the services you offer. This reflects our goals and vision at Intuit.

“Our vision is to be the global platform of choice for all developers, serving small businesses and developers,” said Barnett. “We want to help in three specific ways – help you to get and keep more money in your pocket, get more time through efficiencies and automation, and give you complete confidence in the power of the network and its ability to provide you timely insights. We want to deliver all the small business apps that accountants use to deliver to their customers.”

The platform previously focused on developers and small businesses, but now incorporates a third layer: accountants.

“Adding accountants provides a three-sided platform to enable them ProAdvisors use the apps to run their own practice and help them be better trusted advisors to their clients through powerful apps,” said Barnett. 

This new experience of adding apps to your clients’ QBO from QBOA will be available in this fall. We can’t wait for you to enjoy this exciting functionality and transform your clients’ businesses!